Grisbi comes in two branches, stable version or development version.

Stable version

Stable version is suitable for production needs and is available in various formats, including source code or packaged version.

Version 1.0.x

src.pngGrisbi--1.0.2.tar.bz2 - 7,0M - (md5: bf783c2fe47c7485b4085403cf6a3edc)

windows.pngGrisbi_0.8.9-3_win32_mingw.exe - 11,9M

macos.pngGrisbi-1.0.0.dmg -  20,5 M


Development version

Development version is not suitable for production needs and is only provided for test purposes.

Access to Git code

The code for Grisbi can be fetched via Git, with the following command:

git clone

More information on how to access to Grisbi sources with Git can be obtained on

Version 1.1.90

src.pngGrisbi--1.1.90.tar.bz2 - 7,1MB - (md5: bf5163494b0155a9cc1c97439d20822e)

macos.pngGrisbi-1.1.90.dmg -  33.9 MB

ubuntu-24.png grisbi-common_1.1.90-1ubuntu1_all.deb - 5.2 MB

ubuntu-24.pnggrisbi_1.1.90-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb - 0.54 MB