Several contact ways are available for users or developers.


Grisbi forums are available through email. Subscription is mandatory to access email lists.

Information mailing-list

  • Subject: New versions and general Grisbi information mailing-list
  • Name :
  • Web access : Grisbi.Info

French users mailing-list

  • Subject: French-speaking user discussion
  • Name :
  • Web access : Grisbi.User.French

Users mailing-list

  • Subject: user discussion
  • Name:
  • Web access : Grisbi.User


  • Subject: contact webmasters regarding this website
  • Name:
  • Web access :


  • Subject: contact developers
  • Name:
  • Web access : Grisbi.devel

Commits logs

  • Subject: monitor developers commits in real-time
  • Name:
  • Web access : Grisbi.cvs


Grisbi mailing lists are available through a usenet hierarchy (grisbi.*) on the following server : news://

These forums are available to read and write using with any newsreader, for instance slrn, gnus, tin, Thunderbird, MesNews, Pan, Forte Agent, Outlook Express, Dialog, Knode...

Web forum

Grisbi mailing-lists are available through a web forum :

Grisbi on IRC

Grisbi development team uses IRC channel #grisbi as a primary instant messaging board. Users and contributors are welcome on our IRC channel.

IRC parameters are:

  • Server:
  • TCP port: 6667
  • Channel: #grisbi

A good (French) documentation about IRC is here: