New in version 0.8.9

  • fixes bug 1432
  • fixe a potential crash when closing Grisbi
  • minor changes

New in version 0.8.8

  • update the Russian translation
  • fixes bug 1373: the transaction is not transferred to the new account when use the Edit menu
  • fixes bug 1365: corrects the name of the International Russian currency RUB -> RUR
  • fixes some bugs in the navigation in the left panel of Grisbi
  • fixes a crash when the number of recently used files = 0
  • removal the display of the build date for the stable versions of Grisbi

New in version 0.8.7

  • fixes a problem of gtk version under Windows.

New in version 0.8.6

  • corrects a problem of calculating the balance after deletion of two archives
  • Simplification of the function of dates parsing : gsb_parse_date_string () fixes a systematic crash on Windows
  • Adds support for the variance for the planned transactions
  • fixes various bugs.

New in version 0.8.5

  • Added cloning of scheduled operations
  • Fixed a bug of calculating balances with different currencies in the table estimates
  • fixed a bug in creation of payees and creation of a sub-budgetary line
  • Don't update the tree view when it's not here while making an archive
  • Typo in function name. Don't repeat twice the same by Mokona
  • Fixes bug 1313 : Grisbi crashes when Importing a QIF file with a list of categories
  • Adding of Data_Path variable to debug

New in version 0.8.4

  • Fixes a bug that corrupts the file of accounts when saving in certain circumstances.
  • Minor corrections in the management of the logo of Grisbi

New in version 0.8.3

  • Fixed a bug export csv files on Windows
  • Fixes a potential crash
  • Fixes bug 1296: The box of restoration of the sub-transactions appears again
  if the operation is no longer a split transaction
  • Adding the XDG directories in the printed variables and fix memory leaks
  • Fixes bug 1293: Problem of updating of the pointing balance
  • Fixes a crash when importing a file without extension
  • Fixes bug 1289: Filtering problem by amount

New in version 0.8.2

  • Fixed bug: Unable to delete third, category, or budget item

New in version 0.8.1

  • Fixed bug: Unable to enter a debit or credit

New in version 0.8.0

  • Integration of the budget module in the basic version of Grisbi
  • Integration of a simulator credits with the ability to print or export the data
  into a spreadsheet
  • Management of local settings (date format, decimal separator and thousands separator)
  • Addition of the amortization schedule for liability accounts
  • incorporation des icônes personnalisées dans le fichier de comptes
  • Addition of custom icons in the file accounts
  • Colorization of debits in the scheduler
  • rewriting of gtk_combofix for payees to remove the delays found on version 0.6.0
  • rewritten import QIF files
  • uses of gint64 to expand the fields of numbers up to 9 223 372 036 854 775 807
  • many bugs fixed

New in version 0.6 :

  • Encryption of the file
  • New and improved print system
  + LaTeX no more needed, printing has never been so straightforward
  + Transaction list can be printed as well as reports.
  • Improved user interface
  + Tabs deprecated in favor of a navigation tree
  + Redesigned categories/payees/budgetary lines trees
  + Totally redesigned transaction list with native GTK2 widgets
  + Split of transactions displayed directly in transaction list
  + Optional grid in transaction list
  + New "view" menu
  + Use of assistants to ease some operations
  + Custom sort for transaction list columns
  + Reconcile now shows togglable buttons
  + Use of + and * in amount entry to increment/decrement values
  + Quick import of recurrent files
  + Pre-built category sets dependent of the locale
  + All colors can be customized
  + Astonishing icons ... can't ask for more!
  • Greek translation thanks to Achilleas
  • Archival of old transactions, possibly into separate files
  • Form structure defined by user
  • End of the obligation to use Euro
  • Gnucash and CSV files import
  • HBCI support through the aqbanking plugin
  • Tip of the day
  • Reconciled transactions are "archived" by default
  • Tip of the day
  • Huge work on localization :
  + Grisbi suggests a default currency according to the locale
  + Dates are now displayed and parsed according to the locale, no
    more unbearable european dates for overseas folks!
  + Amounts are displayed according to locale
  • It is now possible to omit decimal separator in numerical fields
  • Custom mathematics engine that do not rely on float anymore
  • Plugin system
  • New english file format
  • Tool management for the payees
  • Automatic association of third parties and categories for import files
  • Ability to create a partial balance in the main view
  • And more!

New in version 0.5.9 :

  • Bug fixes
  • More bug fixes
  • Even more bug fixes
  • Grisbi does not care anymore about file permissions
  • Hebrew translation thanks to Dotan Mazor

New in version 0.5.8 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Some minor UI tweaking
  • CSV export of reports
  • Chinese translation thanks to Jianyu Tang
  • Czech translation thanks to Marek Donar
  • Romanian translation thanks to Mircea Aronovici
  • Russian translation thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine

New in version 0.5.7 :

  • Bug fixes

New in version 0.5.6 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Spanish translation thanks to Carlos M. Camara
  • Dutch translation thanks to Edwin Huijsing
  • Italian translation thanks to Fabio Erculiani
  • Polish translation thanks to Ryszard Jeziorski

New in version 0.5.5 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to Flavio Henrique Somensi

New in version 0.5.4 (never released) :

  • Bug fixes
  • Use selected transaction as template
  • Function to test reconciliation
  • Grisbi now works with libofx 0.7.0

New in version 0.5.3 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Budgetary lines are now enabled by default
  • Default browser is now mozilla
  • Ship with new libintl version

New in version 0.5.2 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Gnucash file import is now supported
  • German translation thanks to Martin Stromberger
  • CSV export

New in version 0.5.1 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Reports export to HTML

New in version 0.5.0 :

  • GTK2 & libxml2 support
  • no more Gnome dependency
  • native UTF-8 support
  • customized reports printing via LaTeX
  • improve user interface (follow Gnome HiG)
  + improve warning messages so that users can ignore some types of warnings
  + improve segfault handling
  + improve preferences windows
  + new context menu on transactions list
  + application menu improvements
  + transactions, accounts and reports lists are now fully clickable
  • totally redesign of import code :
  + OFX & QIF support
  + incremental import
  + automatic reconciliation
  • exchange rates are cached for a session so that users don't need to
  type them repeatedly
  • reports now support text faces (bold, slant, large, huge, small)
  • new logo with our mascot over an euro sign
  • combofix completion (i.e. in transaction form) can now be either
  case sensitive or insensitive according to input upper/lower case
  • improve bank details and new bank dialogs
  • keyboard navigation in third party, categories and budgetary lines
  • automatic expired scheduled transactions are now clickable

New in version 0.4.5 :

  • Bug fixes

New in version 0.4.4 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Columns are resizable in scheduler
  • Harmonise all date fields:
  + <Ctrl><Enter> in a date field open a calendar
  + Arrows keys are sensitive on a calendar
  + <Shift><+> (<->) in a date field increase (decrease) date about one week
  + <PgUp> (<PgDn>) increase (decrease) date about one month
  + <Shift><PgUp> (<PgDn>) increase (decrease) date about one year
  • New mouse feature:
  + <Ctrl><Click> has the same effect as <Ctrl><P>

New in version 0.4.3 :

  • Bug fixes

New in version 0.4.2 :

  • Bug fixes
  • Translation improved
  • Multi-currencies balances in startup screen
  • Comments can be displayed in scheduler
  • New contrib tool to obfuscate grisbi files and keep privacy while
  allowing reporters to send grisbi files

New in version 0.4.1 :

  • *Many* bug fixes
  • Grisbi is now internationalized